Rejoice And Be At Peace

download (1)Scripture for today is Proverbs 14:30 and it’s talking about peace leads to health and jealousy is a cancer.

Learn to be content with the way things are and with what you have. This makes me think of my father-in-law the last months that he lived. He passed of two kinds of cancer but during his last months here he said to my husband that he didn’t need or want anything. He said, ” Isn’t that a good place to be? Not wanting or needing anything.” I have thought a lot about that statement. He also said when he looked at a flower that the flower was love. When we would see him he always asked how we were and never said anything about himself. He also told us God and Jesus were there and he was waiting. Jesus told him his ticket was punched and he just had to wait. Here is an epitaph I wrote for him.

Leroy is my name.
Trucking was my passion.
I trucked to be free.
Free to be me.
All I ever wanted was to be me.
Why are people so afraid of being who they are?
People would have you believe that I was troubled and hard hearted.
My family could tell you different.
I came to a truck stop in my life.
Everything put on hold.
This is where my life took a turn in the road to a higher highway.
This highway took me to God.
He told me I wasn’t a criminal, but someone who deserved
God’s seal of approval.
He showed me love in the simpleness of a flower.
He showed me that I was loving, giving and selfless toward others in
my darkest hour.
I ask you, how does a man actually know when he is going to die?
You know through the glow in your eye, with the transformation of becoming pure and real, then hearing God’s voice telling you it’s okay to come home.


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