Faith is Inner Work


We read in Hebrews 11:6, And without faith it is impossible to please God, because anyone who comes to him must believe that he exists and that he rewards those who earnestly seek him. If we truly believe in God we will seek Him and when we begin to know Him we have faith. Like our belief, faith will be tested though. Abraham’s faith was tested many times. It is a test God allows to show you how far you have grown in your faith. We won’t know the true depth of our faith until it’s tested. I have recently experienced this in my life.

I had earnestly been seeking the presence of God for months. Last April my husband and I decided to try once again to buy our first house. We had been trying for 10 years. We were very discouraged to say the least. This time when things were not looking good AGAIN, I decided to let it go. I told my husband that there are so many components to buying a house that it is impossible for us to know everything that it takes to get approved. I told him it’s up to God if we get a house. I stopped toiling over getting a house. My husband had the idea to ask our bank and two days later we were approved! We couldn’t believe it! They gave us an amount and said to find a house. We thought it was as simple as that. We found a house and then that opens another can of worms! It was a grueling 2 months before we actually got our house!

During this period God made Himself more visible to me than ever. My faith was put to the ultimate test. Unexpected costs came about once a week and God provided unexpected money every week. It was always the exact amount we needed. I related this period to riding a roller coaster. I hate roller coasters and I always close my eyes until the ride is over. I pictured myself holding Jesus’ hand while on this ride with my eyes closed until it was over. I left it all up to God. One day I was waiting for my son at school and God whispered something to me. He said,”Satan is like the big bad wolf, he wants to blow your house down but you have a foundation of rock, which is God’s Word, and he can’t touch you.” Satan tried to scare me into thinking I wasn’t getting the house many times but every time I put my faith in God it was miraculously taken care of. Even to the very end at closing, we didn’t need a dime! God provided the way. I knew that when God promises something He sees it through to the end and I stood on that promise. I wouldn’t do anything unless I was moved by the Holy Spirit.

Now that I have been here for 2 months, I  thought this faith test would be over. But things keep coming up and my faith in God keeps showing up! I’m learning that real faith is proven when you have nothing and you rely on God to show up with something. Faith is a working inside yourself. It isn’t easy either. I had the thought recently that a faith life is hard. I wouldn’t want it any other way though because a life without faith is a life without God. Trusting God to take the next step is scary. But every time I take a step without visible evidence and give it to God, He always comes through. This strengthens me. Just like in 2 Timothy 4:17, The Lord stood with me and strengthened me…



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