God Heals


The day before yesterday I made chicken and dumplings. As you know the sauce gets very hot when left in the pot. I was spooning out a helping into a bowl for my son when by accident I spooned it onto my hand holding the bowl instead of in the bowl. My mind was on worrisome things instead of being present in the moment. I dropped the bowl in the pot of chicken and dumplings and ran to the sink for cold water! I yelled to my daughter to look up what to do about a bad burn. She said to put ice cold water on it so I got my gallon of ice water from the refrigerator and kept pouring it on my hand. The palm of my hand around my little finger was bright red and felt like it was on fire! Literally, when my hand was out of the water it was like it was in a flame that got hotter and hotter. I couldn’t stand the pain for long. This went on for about 6 hours. I was wondering how I would sleep! Finally I felt like cleaning up the kitchen around nine o’clock. I had to put a rubber glove on my hand. I could feel the heat of the hot water still and it hurt bad. When I looked at my hand it was red and I could see little blisters starting to form. I was instantly taken back to when I was in 6th grade and I burned my hands playing with a lit candle on the kitchen table. I was lighting a paper towel not knowing it would go up in flames, FAST! I couldn’t put it down because there was a table cloth so I ran to the sink with it and my hands were in flames, so I knew what this felt like. When I was finished cleaning the kitchen I sat down in the family room with my husband and daughter. I had my hand wrapped in a cold cloth. I would periodically take it off only to feel the immense pain and I would put it back on. Well, around 10:30 pm I took it off and it didn’t hurt! I asked my daughter if she prayed for me and she said yes! She said she didn’t want to see me have to try and sleep like that and asked God to heal me! I told her thank you! I was able to sleep and when I woke up yesterday my hand looks normal! It looks like nothing happened! I have been so amazed by this! No blisters or anything! I wanted to testify that God does heal!


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