Christian Imposter

Lately this is what I have felt like.  I had a day that I was tired and evil made me think thoughts and do things I wouldn’t normally do. But God over night turned me back around and saved me once again. The problem with sin is regret, unforgiveness toward yourself and feeling distant from God. I had to work through all these things recently and I have been able to move forward, forgive myself and feel God’s forgiveness and presence. What I have learned is, is no matter how good you think you are, you still aren’t good enough and you need Jesus more than anything else. I have learned to see myself through God’s eyes and He sees me innocent as a child. Nothing I do surprises Him and He already made my way of escape as the Bible says and it’s Jesus. Jesus paid the price for my sins.

I was drawn to watch Miracle On 34th Street. I watched the old one but God lead me through my mom and sister to watch the new one. This movie opened my eyes to something. Because of my recent let down about myself I haven’t felt Christmas this year until this movie. There were men dressed like Santa drinking in a bar. What I saw in my heart was people, including myself, dressed like christians but really not. We say we are christian but we really don’t express what is inside of us, what a follower of Jesus is. I know I am saved but I find it hard to express it and live it out. In the movie Kris Kringle says He is the human representation, the proof that we really can be what Jesus is and deny our human evil tendencies. He said we have to have faith. That is something I have been learning also that a life without faith is dead. Kris said a life without faith is doomed with doubt. If we don’t allow God to be present in our lives we won’t see Him work and then we begin to doubt. I saw a youtube video called Doubt your doubts, it helped me along the path I’m on right now of allowing God to be present.

When I was saved I resented Santa Claus. I was made to think he was evil because he was taking Jesus’ place but I have a different perspective now after seeing this movie and reading about the real St. Nick.  Santa represents the goodness, love, compassion, givingness of God. Santa may be the closest thing to God some people see. I used to get mad when people would say Santa was real but now I see that in Santa is Jesus. The real St. Nick was inspired by Jesus. He wanted to be like Jesus. I believe in the spirit of Santa because it’s the Holy Spirit in disguise. If we can believe in ourselves that we truly are a follower of Jesus then we will show the world around us there is a God. When we show characteristics of God, even through Santa, people begin to believe.


Jack Frost- The Lukewarm Christian

What I will be writing about comes from the movie The Rise of The Guardians. Jack Frost really stuck out to me cause I could relate to him. He is invisible, like he doesn’t exist. Jack is like the unborn spirit, not alive yet. I call him lukewarm because he has no side. He has to choose.

Jack asks why he is alive to the man on the moon (God).  He soon finds out the answer from one of the guardians, Santa. He tells Jack he is called to be a guardian, but Jack doesn’t want to be chosen. He questions that the man on the moon has said this. Santa tells Jack it’s destiny, can’t say no! Like many of us, Jack doesn’t think he has anything to offer to become a guardian. Santa explains to him that he has a center. A gift inside that is special.  Santa’s center is wonder, born with eyes to “see”. Jack goes on a quest to find his center.

In order to do this he needs memories. Memories of his childhood. Those memories help Jack remember what’s important. This is why God says to be childlike, not childish but childlike. The memories help him remember why he is here. Pitch, who is like the devil, steals the memories. This causes an uprising in Jack. He didn’t care about being a guardian until now, Pitch has stolen his memories! What has Satan stolen from you? Has it changed how you live? When you come to the realization that Satan has stolen from you, you will stand up and fight! We are indifferent until it effects us.

Jack finds out his center is fun. When he starts walking in this truth he becomes more real and visible. If we believe, we will see. Our eyes are opened to the supernatural realm. God isn’t invisible anymore and the more we believe the more visible He becomes.

In order for the guardians to keep their “jobs” the children have to believe. There ends up being only one boy who believes and they go to his house. Jack is communicating with the boy being invisible but soon the boy sees him because he believed. Jack is so happy that he isn’t invisible anymore! Once he found his center and believed in himself then others believed in him too. Jack said at the end, just because you can’t always see the sun, it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

We all have a center, potential, something to give. We just have to figure out what it is, believe in ourselves and it will become a reality! Once we are born again and made alive in our spirit we will want to give. When people become lukewarm in their faith, it’s because they have forgotten who they are! Remember you are God’s child and as a child of God you have a mission while you are walking the earth! Stop being invisible and give your self away. Make your presence known for the glory of God! Do what He has called you to do. Our lives are meaningless without God and His direction.


I woke up one morning with the word collide on my mind. This was the spelling I imagined, but I felt God say no, spell it like in the word kaleidoscope. I became very curious about the word kaleidoscope and  was led to look it up. The word kalos in greek means beautiful. Edios means form and scope means to see. As we know a kaleidoscope is a cylinder with mirrors containing loose objects [bits of glass]. When light enters, it creates a colorful pattern due to the reflection of the mirrors.

Here is the analogy that came to me after doing this research. We are the bits of glass, Jesus is our mirror and God is the light. When we are born again, God’s light shines in on the broken pieces of ourselves. As we take on Jesus’ sinless state by believing in Him, and taking off our sinful state, Jesus becomes our mirror. God calls us to become like Jesus, so we mirror ourselves after Him. When we do this, God doesn’t see us in our sinful state any longer. Now then God sees us as Jesus, the beautiful form to see [kaleidoscope]! Just as the pattern in the kaleidoscope is moving and changing, so are we, growing and maturing. Our goal is to keep reflecting Jesus and God says it’s beautiful as Jesus is beautiful! We are beautiful in the eyes of God!

My Wonder Wall Is Jesus

Today I was drawn to a song called Wonderwall by Oasis

It has turned out to be really awesome! I looked up the meaning of the song and found this. According to Noel Gallagher, the song describes “an imaginary friend who’s gonna come and save you from yourself “. And since the only ‘you’ in the song goes on to become the ‘Wonderwall‘, it must refer to something/someone who will always be there for you, and well, save you.

This can only mean Jesus for me, so I felt like Jesus is communicating this to me through the song which is awesome!

The next thing that happened was I read my Advent devotional from The Greatest Gift by Ann Voskamp and it kinda ties in with the song and I wanted to share this and record my thoughts.

Ann wrote, The King from the beginning, back when we were young and the world was Edenic and the wonderland was us. She goes on to say,  joy beyond the walls of the world. It’s Jesus.

Jesus is my wonderwall. He is the joy that is my wall, to hold me in peace. He is joy beyond the walls of the world but He is also my wonderwall that saves me. His presence in my mind and heart save me from darkness and despair. The darkness that can fill my mind and heart to make me feel afraid and out of sorts. Jesus, just the thought of Him steers me back into the Light and into peace and love. He gives me strength and courage. In the song You Make Me Brave it says: No fear can hinder now the promises You have made. No fear can hinder now the love that made a way!

This video and song gave me goose bumps today!

Ann also said, “The King beyond this world has entered this world and the wonderland in Him we always hoped for is here and now and true. The King of the first and still coming second Advent, the King coming again to rule the earth and make all the sad things untrue. The wonderland is unfolding now, Kingdom coming, because His Word doesn’t return to Him void. Isaiah 55:11-12 . So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it.

I love how she put it, the wonderland is true and it’s here, now. And when Jesus comes again He will make all the bad headlines untrue, all the death will be but a myth!

I read somewhere yesterday that Jesus invites us into His Story [ History].  To be in His Story we have to surrender our lives to Him. To live in the safe parameters of His Wonderwall and dwell in Wonderland, we have to follow Him. We have to give up our ways and go God’s way.  My dad wrote this in a Bible he gave me when I was twenty: It truly can be a “Wonderful Life”.