Made With Love

Have you ever seen the SpongeBob episode where his grandma makes cookies for him and says they were made with love? I always thought it was cute but there is truth to this. I experienced God yesterday in an unusual way and wanted to share it with you.

Lately we have been eating out more. My family has commented on how the food just isn’t as good as at home when I make it. I never gave it much thought until yesterday. My husband and I decided to go see the movie, The Shack, which by the way is really good. I might write something about the movie later on. But anyway we got hotdogs to eat in the movie. When we finished I said that the bun was kinda stale and my husband agreed and said that eating out isn’t what it’s cracked up to be and it’s expensive!

Well, the movie began and we were sitting there watching and a scene came up where Mac, the main character is in heaven at the dinner table with Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit. God prepared the meal. Mac took a bite from the food and said how really good the food was! God responded by saying , “that’s because I made it.” I started crying during this scene, the only one, because God was showing me that the food I make at home is made by the Holy Spirit through me. It’s so good because it’s made with love. I realized in that moment that cooking is special to my family. It’s my way of showing them love. God showed me that it matters!

When we were driving home I told my husband that a part of the movie that made me cry wasn’t even about the movie itself. I began telling him the part and began crying and I couldn’t talk and he said, “Oh, I see, I get it!” When we came inside we were in the kitchen and my son came downstairs. He said,” Mom, can you make that salsa, I want some and Mollie(his girlfriend) asked if you could make it, she’s been craving it all day.” I had tears in my eyes and gladly said,”Yes.” He said,”I love you.” I couldn’t hold the tears back and I said,”I love you too.” My son said, “What was that movie about anyway?” It’s mine and my husband’s secret.

So the next time you think what you do doesn’t matter think about it. At the end of the movie they said everything we do matters and everything done with love, every kindness changes the universe. Don’t think you are insignificant, God made you, God put you here, you can make a difference in the world with just by simply cooking a meal with love.


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