What Color Are You?

If you were a crayon, what color would you be? My daughter told me about a book called The Day The Crayons Quit by Drew Daywalt. I immediately saw this with spiritual eyes. Each crayon had something to complain about with Duncan, the boy who used them, except for one color, green.

Green was happy with his work load and wanted to say so. He also was writing Duncan asking him to settle an argument with orange and yellow. All the other crayons complained about being used too much or too little. Green was the only one happy with how he was being used.

As followers of Jesus, don’t we do the same thing? We want to be used and then when we are being used we want a break. We compare ourselves with others, like orange and yellow, thinking we would be better at the job than someone else. But the truth is God uses us all as He sees fit. We all fit into the big picture. We all put our own special color into His big picture. Without one of us, there would be a blank spot. We are all important to God. Just like when your looking for that certain color for a picture, God is looking for you to fulfill His purpose in this world.

As for me, I want my color to be all the colors of the rainbow. A splash of purple here, yellow there, blue for sad days, orange for days I’m on fire for Jesus, red for a burst of love everyday. I don’t want to limit myself and not keep an open mind. I have been praying to keep an open mind so I can recieve the things and thoughts of God.

When I saw the movie The Shack, it represented people as colors, I thought that was interesting.


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