Keep Watch

My scripture reading is about Jesus before the Romans came to get Him. When He was praying in the garden and asked the disciples to pray and watch but they fell asleep.

Ann says: Today, pray. Let your heart break with the things that break His: pray for His Body, the church, divided and shattered and bickering, for the persecuted church laboring faithfully in hard places for the Kingdom. For young girls contemplating abortions and elders dying quietly and the hurting all over the world…Can you, on your knees, keep watch with Jesus…even for an hour?

Staying awake to the spiritual life is the struggle, the fight. Our sin is our forgetfulness of God. What has helped me stay awake is the practice of eucharisteo in Ann Voskamp’s book 1000 Gifts. Not only am I more awake but I’m experiencing God more in my moment to moment. This is only a glimpse, I know, of what heaven will be like, but just the taste of His goodness is so rich and satisfying! This is enough to keep me awake. It is a learning process and a practice so I’m forever learning until the day I see Him face to face.




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