Pray The Psalms With Me, Psalm 3

This Psalm is addressing hopelessness. Hopelessness is a state of mind. We have to choose to have hope. Psalm 3 helps remind us what we should be doing to have hope and remain in hope when we are in trouble or are feeling fearful. We must remember our salvation. God saved us! If we meditate on how God saved us we are hopeful that He will save us from whatever trouble we are in now. How awesome it is that we have a God who saves us! Fear is the opposite of love. When we are in fear we are out of love. We aren’t remembering God’s love for us. Remember God loves you, so have faith and trust in Him. God hears our prayers and He answers in His way and in His timing. He will not leave us or forsake us. We can rest in peace knowing God is with us and protects us. People can’t scare us because we know who we belong to. We declare victory over our enemies and Satan. He has no power over us unless we give it to him. Being hopeless is a way he can get in. Close the door on hopelessness and open the door to Jesus, the one who never leaves us, He is our hope! Choose to focus on Jesus!


Thank you for the promise that You will never leave us alone! Thank you for hearing our prayers and answering us when we call on Your name. You are a great loving Father to us, Your children. One day we will be with You in heaven and we will know You fully. I can’t wait for that day! Until then thank you for Your Holy Spirit leading us and guiding us and for the hope we have in Jesus! Amen.


2 thoughts on “Pray The Psalms With Me, Psalm 3

  1. I’m truly thankful to God for the crossing of our path the journey of a faithful Christian walk is not easy but God will show us we are not alone . I’m grateful to have been blessed with you . I have enjoyed reading your story and moved by what you shared on your blog moving powerful encouraging faithful I can go on and on .. keep on making a bold statement in the lord it’s so touched me . Thank you.. Praise God .

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  2. I am equally in awe of how God works and how he brought us together. I pray we continue to lift each other up and help each other in our different areas. I help you in your weak areas and you help me in mine. You are awesome! God used you to speak to me today, thank you for listening. Thank you for the kind words. I only hope God uses me to help some one in their walk with the Lord. You made
    my day!


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