Advent 2017

As Ann Voskamp says: “Advent, it’s made of the moments.”  Here are my thoughts after my first day of Advent with The Greatest Gift book by Ann.

Be aware, be awake, be whole, be still, be in His presence. This is the gift of Christmas, being open enough to receive the gift of His presence. Stay tender, stay in love with everyone and everything.This is how we experience Him in this realm, this world. What is Christmas without Him, nothing but stress. He makes it what it is meant to be, beautiful. He is coming for us because He loves us. Feel His love, this is the ultimate gift. Meet with Jesus in the realm of silence, your own mind and heart. You have to be willing to choose to take time to go there and visit Him. He’s waiting for you there.

I have been sort of love sick lately for Jesus. Every so often He does reveal Himself to me personally, like it says in the Bible. Some people may argue that faith isn’t feeling but without faith you won’t have feeling. Since the Bible speaks of experiencing God then that’s what I want. The Bible speaks of being flooded with God’s presence, if I can’t make myself aware of His presence then what’s the use? God intends for us to feel Him, feel His love and I will always search for Him. In Ann’s book she asks this question: When we’re blind to grace, is the miracle we get that we get homesick for Him? I’m here to say YES! I have felt this way lately! Here is my answer to overcoming the feeling, recognize His grace towards me. This leads me to counting all the ways He loves me. This is what makes me aware of His presence with me.

Ann Voskamp quote,” Jesus invites us into the Real Story if we’re willing to let Perfect Love kick a poisoning fear to the curb. ”

Choose to live in the God Story, not what we hear on the news, see on the streets or what we hear people say that is negative. Be present in God’s Word, what He says is the Story to read, to live, to stay in. All the rest is counterfeit, untrue living, dead life. No Life. There is only life in Jesus! Perfect love, perfect peace.


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