From Nothing Comes A King

This is a line from the King Arthur movie King Arthur: The Legend Of The Stone. I watched this recently and it touched me spiritually. Not only that but it has a song in it called The Devil and the Huntsman. I looked it up on You Tube and some one correlated the lines of the song to scripture in the Bible. I looked up the scriptures and the Word pierced my heart. The other strange event was after I watched it I was on Face Book and something led me to a book, I don’t remember the name of it now but it talked about the Holy Grail and how the stories of King Arthur relate to it. All this is very interesting and really it’s a lot to take in.

The scenes that spoke to me was when Arthur has the sword in his hand. He said the sword controlled him, he didn’t control the sword. In the Bible the Word is referred to as a sword in Ephesians 6:17,  and take the helmet of salvation, and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God…

As I watched him wield the sword he was in another dimension letting himself go and letting the sword work on it’s own power. I related this to letting go and letting the Holy Spirit work in me. If I could let go of myself and let myself be controlled by the Holy Spirit I could accomplish so much more than what I’m doing alone. God is speaking to me saying what His Word says, you can do nothing apart from me. This allowing and following of the Holy Spirit is a great adventure, like Arthur. He was a king and didn’t know he was a king. We as followers don’t know who God created us to be until we begin searching and looking for our true selves. I read in that book that we like King Arthur stories because we long for something more than what we are seeing and experiencing. King Arthur stories correlate to the searching of the Holy Grail.

I have figured out that all the searching I felt in December has ended up being that I was looking for God’s will in my life. I’m doing a Bible study called I am Loved and today we talked about walking in the light. I was in darkness and she describes that as walking in our own way which is sin. Choosing wrong thoughts and actions, not aligning with God’s character and thoughts and actions. Walking with the Holy Spirit in control is walking in the light.

The Holy Spirit then directed me to watch Rick Renner on You Tube about Spiritual Warfare. He specifically talks about the armor of God and how the Bible is our weapon. The belt of truth is the Bible and without the belt the rest of the armor falls off. He said this was true of the roman soldier’s armor and that’s why Paul said the Word (Truth) is the belt because without it the rest of the armor falls off and leaves you open for attack.

Satan doesn’t want us to know who we really are in Christ. We can defeat him with the knowledge of knowing who we belong to. We can wield our sword ( the Word) against him and be victorious! Those of us who feel like we are nothing or that our lives amount to nothing, we need to get in the Word and start believing truth and not the lies! Arthur didn’t want to accept who he was and I think sometimes we don’t either. But when we finally accept who we really are the power of God comes on us and we can slay the Devil!



In Awe of God

A little over a week ago, I encountered God’s presence and power in an unexpected way! If you have read my previous posts you may know I was in a depression, darkness. Even though I was in that place I still tried to pursue God, I struggled to keep myself reading and praising God. I was searching for something, for Him, I felt empty and couldn’t fill myself up.

My son has started talking about joining the marines. As my husband and I have been having talks with him I realized something about myself! I figured out that I wasn’t missing anything in my physical life. I knew the moment I was saved that God would use me but I have never felt like He has used me. It has made me feel useless and like a nothing. I was saved 7 years ago, that’s a long time to feel like you haven’t progressed in the kingdom. I used to be a member of a church I loved and I helped clean. I quit 4 years ago because of different reasons that I really don’t even remember now. I have had moments of wanting to go back but my husband didn’t want to so I would be back where I started. I just continued doing church at home and doing things online.

Well, my son asked me to watch boot camp videos. I didn’t want to but I did it anyway for him. As I watched these videos my spiritual eyes were opened. I correlated the marines to Christianity. I suddenly realized I needed to be back at church! That was my answer! I admired my son’s love of the marines and because of that he wanted to join. I knew that because of my love and passion for Jesus that I needed to be with other believers. I need them and they need me!

That night I had a dream of being back at my church. When I woke up I knew God’s will for me is to go back but I also knew my husband wouldn’t want to go. Well, I brought it up anyway and told him about my dream with tears in my eyes. He told me if that’s what I really want then he would go with me, for me. I was so excited! I called my friend from church that I cleaned with and told her everything. Come to find out she had not been cleaning for some time and said she had been procrastinating about going back. I immediately felt God and knew He was in this.

When I was driving the car that day my song on my mp3 player came on In Awe Of You. I bawled my head off in the car. I have been delivered from darkness into His marvelous light! He has made all things new! I see a bright future ahead for 2018 in my church! I will be rededicating my life to the church in March and I can’t wait! I look forward to living my days now with anticipation of what God has in store! No more fear!

I’m also doing a Bible study on Revelation and another one online with Proverbs 31. I am fulfilled experiencing God’s presence and power in my life and there is nothing else like it! Nothing can take the place of God! Nothing!


More On Silence

Unbelievably I read all of Present Over Perfect by Shauna Niequist and the main theme of the book is silence. After all the signs from God pointing me to silence this book gave me peace. There were so many unbelievable quotes that I have saved and so many similarities to my own life that was really hard to fathom. The one difference though is Shauna was a workaholic and overspent herself. The life she longed for and has now is the life I already have. She made me realize that I already have what matters the most. My family. She mentioned her brother telling her how brave she is to be married and to be raising a family.  This was significant to me because I had a dream where I said my life was boring. The title of her chapter was When Brave Looks Boring. Her brother is single and does a lot of adventurous things that make him look brave but he was telling her that the life she chose was displaying bravery. I liked that because of the dream I had and the way it made me feel. I feel brave now! I feel content. I see from the book how important being in silence is. This is really where God can speak to you and you can actually hear Him. I tried it and it brought tears to my eyes to feel His raw presence with me, just God and me. To hear Him speak to the depths of my soul was not only satisfying but filling also. I wanted to share some meaningful quotes from her book and they might inspire you to read it also. Present Over Perfect quotes:

Present is choosing to believe that your own life is worth investing deeply in, instead of waiting for some rare miracle or fairy tale.

Present means we understand that the here and now is sacred, sacramental threaded through with divinity even in it’s plainness, Especially in it’s plainness.

The only way through the emptiness is stillness.

Be very careful that you are not giving yourself to a pale imitation of life with Christ- life about Christ or life generally near to Christ.

These are only a few of my favorite quotes, there really were so many. Very valuable book.

Something she talked about was asking yourself what you are giving yourself to. I liked how she put that. The scripture that we are bought with a price and we are living sacrifices to God was what she was referring to. The way I understand it is, if I think of living, my body and soul a living sacrifice to Jesus, and thinking of it as giving myself to whatever,  then it really has a different meaning to me as to what I’m doing. Think of everything you do as giving yourself to whatever it is. If we are valuable to Jesus, which we are, then it becomes a living sacrifice. We shouldn’t want to give ourselves to just anything. I’m valuable to Him and I should give myself in value to others.

I was watching T.D. Jakes the other day and he said some interesting things as well. He said success doesn’t feel like success, a good marriage doesn’t feel like a good marriage, a good job doesn’t feel like a good job. Because we see the problems in it. But he quoted Jesus telling the disciples, “The harvest is white.” He said Jesus wouldn’t have had to state the obvious so why did he say it. Because their perception was off. Sometimes you don’t know what you have until it’s gone. I loved that because Satan fogs our perception so much sometimes that we lose our way. He gives us lies in our thoughts and we begin to believe them instead of the truth.

It’s up to us to make time in the silence to connect with God, thank Him for all He has done, is doing, and will do and to hear His voice in steering our lives in the right direction. This is the only way to fill our days with meaning and to not waste the time we have here.

Being is more valuable to God than doing. Everything comes from just being.