February’s Gifts!

  1. A book called Fervent, another one I am currently reading and doing a study with, I am Loved, pizza for dinner
  2. The Bible, my daily devotions, Divine Romance and Sparkling Gems
  3. My Divine Romance devotion for the day, my inspiration to write an article on my blog, my scripture used in my Bible Art for the day
  4. When my head was bent in prayer I heard God speak, a nap, when my husband bent down to make and put dinner in the oven
  5. My clothes, my Journeys With The Messiah picture on my bedroom wall, my furniture
  6. The sun, a dog greeting a little girl on the playground, birds singing
  7. My husband called me on lunch, I got a good spot parking to pick up Brooke from school, strawberry banana smoothie
  8. The cable box, fixed so I could watch my War Room movie, I had enough money to make chili for dinner, Blake was able to get his car inspected and it passed
  9. I found out the book Fervent is the book they made the movie War Room from, a boy who got hit today is in stable condition, my husband and I won a gift at date night at church! It had special meaning to us also, love is patient, love is kind.
  10. Talking to my husband on the phone, my kids talking to their friends, on T.V.
  11. Today was Sunday and I didn’t do any work. But I was thankful to get a couple things for my Journal Bible, and I got a book to draw in and keep, and thankful for the inspiration God gave me of something to draw and the words to go with it.
  12. My daughter is home sick but thankful she has what she needs, got the laundry done eventually, decided to give money to my son for his girlfriend’s Valentine
  13. Food in the pantry, clothes in my closet, and a car in the driveway
  14. Through doing Bible art, singing praise songs, hugging my family
  15. The gift of God’s presence making Bible art, I found some things I was looking for at Michael’s and Hobby Lobby, when I gave away some coloring books a year ago, I now have found one I like to replace it
  16. The water hose outside, my son saying he’s home late at night, seeing my daughter sleep in the night when she’s sick
  17. Giving encouragement on my Bible art groups fills me up inside, buying some things my daughter wanted at Wal-Mart for crafts, washed my family’s clothes, made mac and cheese for my son and his girlfriend
  18. My new Inspire Praise Bible, reading Fahrenheit 451, money to buy food
  19. Used Wal-mart card for some food, my son picked up my son and husband today, I made spaghetti instead of hamburger helper
  20. Being able to color in my Inspire Praise Bible, talking to my son and still coloring, I was asked by my small group leader if I’d like to help with the next study
  21. A kleenex ,  the girl that cleaned my teeth today who made it fun because she is a Christian too, my sub sandwich for dinner came in a white box
  22. We got some money early so now I can go to the store, I was able to buy some gifts a day early, we ate Bojangles for dinner
  23. A candle that smells like lilacs for glass, for tin the closest thing would be a love necklace I got at the women’s conference at church, the wood would have to be my colored pencils I use to color with
  24. Warm weather, antibiotics, food
  25. The grill,  microwave, lotion
  26. Working on the areas of my body I don’t like,  getting my teeth whiter, going to start growing my hair out
  27. The mark left on my face after my daughter was born, my carpet I’m going to vacuum, my problem areas on my body after I work out
  28. Belief, faith, the love of Jesus
  29. Doing homework with my daughter, my Praise Bible I’m coloring, my house

I Choose You, I Choose Us

This is a line from the movie Family Man. It stuck out to me and it is something I say everyday now to Jesus. I am learning in my Bible Study that to walk in the light everyday we have to choose to. Walking in the light means choosing Jesus and the example He gave on how to live. Darkness is immorality, anger, lust of any kind.

I read yesterday on Pinterest that whatever we are spending our time doing from day to day is what we are worshiping and that is our idol. I have thought a lot about that. It matters what we give our time to. Then on a movie yesterday the narrator said that most days of a person go unnoticed to never be remembered again. That was sad to me.

In the last 3 weeks I have had a wake up call. Thank God nothing bad had to happen for me to wake up. But something amazing has come over me and all I can think of is that it’s God’s power. I have prayed it doesn’t go away because it has been  the  most fulfilling 3 weeks! Jesus doesn’t ask us to spend a dull lifeless life with Him, like people who aren’t doing it believe. He says He will give us life to the full and I’m here to witness to the fact that when you really hand your life over to Him it is full!

It has been over the course of 4 years that God has been revealing things to me. They have come to a head now, this morning it has come to me what a full life in Jesus means.  When I embarked on the 1000 gifts challenge with Ann Voskamp I stopped. But for February I am doing the challenge again and I want to keep going for the rest of the year. Being thankful is the first thing we should be doing. I look at what she says to be thankful for in the morning and I spend my day like a treasure hunt looking for those gifts but I also am being mindful to thank God for other things as well. Then God’s dunamis power has been brought up from my church and from Rick Renner. Dunamis is Greek for dynamite. I learned that we need to ask for this type of power so that the armor of God appears. Without His power the armor doesn’t come. The thing that keeps your armor on is the belt of truth, which is the Bible and now I’m learning prayer is another one. I got a book called Fervent and it is so awesome! Prayer has been on my mind since May 2017 when I had a dream about it. God has been trying to show me all this time how important prayer is. I know we can tend to think of it as boring but this book I got has stirred up a fire in me and it helps you to write strategic prayers. The other point God has been making with me is love. This has been over the course of about 2 years. It has been summed up for me in this study I’m doing about how to love people. To love people we have to honor and respect them. Encourage and build them up. Never judge or criticize.  All of what I’m saying is not appealing to our natural mind but that’s just it, these are spiritual things that only our spirit understands but I’m telling you that if you do these things your life will change. Mine started 3 weeks ago and I’m still there, thank God!

Choosing to be thankful, praising God, doing Bible Art, doing Bible studies, praying, walking in the light with armor, going to church, memorizing scripture, loving people the way the Bible says, this is what the full life with Jesus is. You won’t have time to be idolizing anything, you will be worshiping the One True Living God, what we were created to do in the first place. I pray you choose to join me!