Awake And Free

I saw a clip yesterday of Steven Furtick talking about the Sabbath. He was talking about the Sabbath being a gift from God. That when God rested it wasn’t because he was tired it was because He was finished. He gave us the Sabbath to rest as a gift. He goes on to say that man made it complicated with additional rules and specifics of what you couldn’t do on that day and made it a duty instead of a gift. I saw a comment that someone said that it’s still one of the 10 commandments. Like it’s something we are suppose to do. I had some thoughts come to mind after reading that.

First of all recently Jesus revealed to me what freedom really means. What it means to be free in Him. When we are born physically we are born in the sin state and we are slaves to sin. That is we don’t know any different than to sin. When we are made alive in Jesus we then have the freedom to choose. We are awake to our true nature and also awake to our new nature in Him. We are free from the bondage of sin and we can freely choose right choices. We want to obey out of love. Yesterday about the Sabbath, I heard God say to me, the 10 commandments are not there to condemn you or make you do something or not do something. They are put there to show you the way of life. God has given us the standards to live by that will give us a good life. Who doesn’t want a good life? Taking rest on the Sabbath is to benefit us, not God. After working all week we need a day to rest. It’s simply our choice. He gave us free will to choose and if we want a good life we will choose God’s way. If people would stop viewing God as a taskmaster and see Him how he really is, a loving Father, they would fall in love with Him. Man has twisted God’s message so much that people think the way of life is in this world’s ways and it’s not. That’s the lie Satan wants us to believe. Just like in the Garden of Eden when he said to Eve, did God really say that? He puts doubt in our minds and then we become lost. Always replace doubt in your mind with truth so he can’t get a foothold in your thinking. The Sabbath is a gift to us from God as are all the commandments. They are gifts that God has shared with us because He knows the world’s ways and that they lead to death. He has given us boundaries to keep us alive and to have a peaceful life.

There is something else that’s been on my heart and it’s about nonbelievers. I have read some devotions lately about being born again and how it is an act of the Holy Spirit. We are blinded by Satan until God’s power comes over us and we are saved. When we are saved we become awake. Those who aren’t saved are asleep. I have been frustrated about people in my family who don’t believe but I realize it isn’t their fault exactly. They are asleep and they believe this world because it’s all they know. As a believer you can never go back to being asleep, I know I’ve tried. So, we know what’s going on in this world and we know who to listen to to make it through. All we can do is pray for those who don’t know the truth and one day God’s power will come over them like it did us and then they will be awake too. I remember after I was saved I asked my mom why she didn’t tell me and she told me because you wouldn’t have believed me, you had to experience it for yourself.

We were created to have a relationship with God. That is all he wants, nothing else. I heard a great song today that kinda fits with this. I love it!


Reverence, Worship And Praise

These three words are what comes naturally after being born again. Once we are woken up to the fact of who God really is, when we know without a doubt that He is the one and only true living God and He loves us, we begin to have reverence for Him. Reverence is a deep respect for Him. Then, as some would not realize, comes worship. We tend to think singing to God is worship, but as we reverence God there is a feeling that comes and it’s called worship. So, as Kim Walker once said, we worship God in our heart and the singing is a manifestation of the worship we feel.  So, singing is praise! Praise is the expression of reverence and worship.

God showed me several scriptures in the Bible having to do with reverence and worship. Scriptures that tell us if we will do these things God will do something in return. First of all if we want to have wisdom we begin with reverencing and worshiping God. Psalm 111:10 says,  The [reverent] fear of the Lord is the beginning (the prerequisite, the absolute essential, the alphabet) of wisdom;
A good understanding and a teachable heart are possessed by all those who do the will of the Lord;
His praise endures forever. If we reverence and worship we are in God’s will and He will give us wisdom. As followers of Jesus, not only do we want knowledge but most importantly we want His wisdom. When we possess wisdom we have insight and understanding that mere knowledge can not express. Knowledge of something isn’t the same as experiencing it. When Jesus imparts wisdom to us we are experiencing His presence. When we follow the Holy Spirit we are living in wisdom.

When we reverence and worship God we are actually serving Him. If we ever doubt that we are serving,  just look at your heart and see if you are reverencing and worshiping God. As it says in Psalm 2:11, Worship the Lord and serve Him with reverence [with awe-inspired fear and submissive wonder];
Rejoice [yet do so] with trembling. When we are serving God and in His will for our lives we then put ourselves on the path where all blessings flow. Blessings include provision. Psalm 111:5 says, He has given food to those who fear Him [with awe-inspired reverence];
He will remember His covenant forever.  God notices who reverences and worships Him. He will provide for them and never forget them. 

When I read about people in the Bible such as Abraham, Jacob and David, I like to think we are like them only living in a different day and time. This scripture tells me that this is true, Psalm 61:5, For You have heard my vows, O God;
You have given me the inheritance of those who fear Your name [with reverence]. We can have assurance that if we are reverencing and worshiping God as they did, that God is with us too. God is looking for people who will honor Him, put Him first!

And lastly, when we reverence and worship and then praise God, it keeps Satan away! I had a dream once where demons were messing with me and taunting me and I heard the Spirit of God tell me, evil can not inhabit the praises of God!  When we are actually praising God, evil can’t be present. That is comforting to know that evil can’t penetrate the praise we give to God! Luke 4:8, Jesus replied to him, “It is written and forever remains written, ‘You shall worship the Lord your God and serve only Him.’”  This was what Jesus said to Satan when he tempted Jesus.

So, no matter what we do, keep worshiping and praising God! It should be like food is to our body. Do it all day, every day! Keep your head up and hold hands high!

Salvation Day

I was reading my daily scripture I get in my email and it read: John 14:20,  On that day you will realize that I am in my Father, and you are in me, and I am in you.

For the first time I thought what day is Jesus talking about? You would think He’s talking about His Second Coming. I went to my Bible and read from the beginning of Chapter 14 and I have had a revelation of this scripture. Jesus is talking about your salvation day. In the verse before,19, it says,  Before long, the world will not see me anymore, but you will see me. Because I live, you also will live. The world doesn’t see Jesus. Satan has blinded the world from seeing Jesus. Only when we are made alive in spirit through God’s Holy Spirit do we recognize Jesus. When this happens we then see Jesus as He really is, ALIVE and GLORIOUS! When we are “born again”, what has happened is, is the Truth has been revealed and realized in our hearts.

We then know Jesus is God and they are one and now Jesus lives in me through the Holy Spirit. This is being “born again”. When you realize and “see” Jesus is alive and He is your Savior, you too will live just as He says in the scripture.