A Broken Heart Lets God’s Love In

In my reading today “Lean On Me”, she says something really profound. “There is freedom in dependence. It enables us to accept our vulnerability.” This is something very hard to do but when we reach this realization that we need to be vulnerable to feel the hand of God then we invite it in our lives. I know this because I have experienced this recently.

The suggested reading is Psalm 70. This was talked about on Day 8. We have to be aware continuously of God’s presence and His love for us to stay vulnerable, humble and this pleases God.

Trail to the Tree

The scripture reading is about when Jesus took the bread and fish and multiplied it for 5000 people.

Ann says: We ask to be broken for others, as You were broken for us. Today, take the little that you are, pray that God may bless you, then break yourself for others. As He has fed us, let us feed others.

I am learning about what being broken really means. This has come up several times lately. I used to think being broken meant to be in despair, to be immovable, to not be able to function. But what God means when He says to be “broken” He means to let yourself be vulnerable. Keep your heart soft. The only way I have found to do this is by what Ann talks about in her book 1000 Gifts. Through eucharisteo I can keep a soft ┬árepented heart, vulnerable. This “broken” heart is what God uses to heal others. Through my vulnerability He can use me to reach other hurting people. So having a broken heart isn’t a bad thing and it doesn’t hurt. What hurts is having a hard heart that God’s love can’t get into. But with the power of the Holy Spirit God can melt a hard heart into a pool of love! I know this because I have experienced it. You have to be willing and allow God to work. Surrender to Him and He will do the work on the inside of you. Living with a hard heart hurts you and the people around you. A broken heart lets God’s love inside and overflows to other people through you. The freedom in dependence is being vulnerable because you can let go and let God.






Trust God, Trust Jesus

Scripture reading for today is Psalm 51:17

My [only] sacrifice [acceptable] to God is a broken spirit;
A broken and contrite heart [broken with sorrow for sin, thoroughly penitent], such, O God, You will not despise.

The thing that pleases God is a broken heart over sin and sorrow for the sin because it is against God. I should want to stay aware and have a repented heart toward God.To be sincerely sorry for my rejection of Him, repent and have full fellowship with Him again. Show me God, my sin against You so that I may repent and stay in unbroken fellowship with You and be pleasing in Your sight.

Trail To The Tree

When the angel appeared to Joseph in a dream and told him to take Jesus to Egypt to avoid death from Herod. Joseph trusted God and proceeded.

Ann says: Today have faith that places that seem to be dying places…God means to bring forth life.

What this says to me is: Even if my life seems mundane or dead, God will bring life again. I have to trust the path that He has me on that maybe a season of mundane will bring a season of miracles. Ann Voskamp said: The mundane is what’s making miracles!