A Tribute

I spoke about my mother-in-law recently and I have an update. She passed August 8,2017. This is one reason I haven’t written. I wrote a tribute to her and spoke it at her funeral and wanted to share it on my blog for safe keeping. This way I can read it and it won’t be lost. I hope you enjoy it. It was inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Virginia Gibson was my mother-in-law. I knew her for 30 years. I wanted to say a little bit about who she was as a person. I admired her goodness. Her desire to do good and be good. She didn’t see life any other way. She told me once that her whole life she didn’t understand why anyone would want to be bad. She was drawn to the Light even when she was a child. She told me how she loved going to revival with her mom. I like to imagine her right now with her family in the biggest revival she has ever see and heard. She is experiencing the full love of Christ right now. I have had tastes of His love already and I know for sure she is full of joy beyond what we can imagine. She wanted her children to love one another, to help one another. She told me when I was taking care of her, how much she loves her children. Every night she thanked God for each of you, imagining your heads on your pillow. I found myself the past few nights that she has been gone, taking up her prayer. I have prayed for each one of you just as she did. I know you are broken and sad but we have each other. Your mom and dad lives in each one of you. We can continue their legacy with our own families. Take what they have taught us and pass it on. This is paying it forward. Give! Give yourself away. Give your time away. Give whatever you have for whoever needs it in that moment. Let’s make them proud! Don’t let all their hard work building a family be all for naught. Get up, run your race well, the way we saw them do. Love well. She expressed to me her hope for us all to be saved and go to heaven. She wants us all to be together again.

I remember a time long ago when I wanted to get up at Christmas and tell each one of you what you mean to me. I didn’t do it out of fear of talking. Just as I am afraid now, but God has given me strength to do this. I just want to say I love you all and there’s no place like home!



Already In Heaven

Since earth is a replica of heaven, in a sense I am already serving God as if I were in heaven. Because I’m born again, I ‘m now a citizen of heaven. I like looking at my life in a way that makes it feel meaningful and purposeful. I have been reading Driven by Eternity by John Bevere. This book makes you think in detail about life and also when you stand before God. It came to me today that I’m already a resident of heaven and what I do here, I do in heaven. John talks in depth about what heaven will be like according to scripture and it has come to me that it’s a lot like here only a whole lot better. We will joyfully work for the Lord and we will want to work and serve for His glory.

I knew when I first got saved that my eternity began that moment, so why wouldn’t I begin living as if I’m already in heaven? When I cross over from this world, earth, to the next, heaven, it will just be a continuation. Some one said something to me the other day that makes a lot of sense. He said,” Do what you would do if God was watching you, cause He is.” It’s simple but we complicate it with do’s and don’t’s. The foundation is believing Jesus is the son of God, that He died and after 3 days rose again and is now seated at the right hand of God the Father. We build from that foundation, our lives. Some people stop at believing and they never build anything of eternal value. Me, personally, I want to build my life up in Christ. It says in the Bible that God wants us to become Christ-like. This is our spirit’s work while we are here. The power of the Holy Spirit works to bring our spirit into Christ-likeness but the Holy Spirit can only do what we allow because we have free-will. Your life on earth can be heaven or it can be hell, it’s your choice. It comes from the choices you make but also the perspective in your mind. John Bevere’s book helps you have eternal perspective. He opens your mind to the fact that this life on earth is not all there is. I choose to be open minded and look to eternity for a future with Jesus and all the people who have followed Him.

There is a segment of a book I’m reading I want to end with. The book is Hungry For More ofJesus by David Wilkerson. He is talking about the work of the Holy Spirit giving us a foretaste of the glory and love of Jesus while we are still here. I believe this is what happened to me that brought about my salvation. I never could put it into words but the way David does is the closest to what I experienced. “The Holy Spirit rolled back Heaven and they experienced a supernatural manifestation of His exceeding greatness. He gives us “a little heaven” to go to heaven with- a whetting of our appetites. He opens windows of Heaven and lets us look into the glory that will be ours. We get a taste of His holiness, His peace, His rest, His love- and we are forever spoiled for this earth, because we yearn for the fullness of what we have tasted.”

I listened to a sermon recently on Eternal Over Temporary by Kyle Idleman and I have included it here. It’s only 30 min long and has a very important message. Pay attention to the beginning because he wraps it back around to the start and it’s so awesome!


My Love Jesus by Regina Gibson

Immeasurable love,

Inexpressible love,

Never ending love,

Completeness in my being.

He knows me,

He loves me,

He is with me now and always.

I can’t wait to see Him in heaven.

He holds me,

He sees me,

He engulfs me.

I will praise You forever.

I will love You forever.

I will discover who You are


Forever will I love you, Jesus.

Living The Fairytale

Last December my son played a song for me in the car that I liked and I asked him the name and he said Fairy tale theme. It struck a chord in me because I had been watching the show Once Upon A Time. This show is saturated with spiritual insight. What God showed me was that He sees everything. He sees us, the moon the stars, the universe! He is the real reality, the ultimate reality. We are in a sense in His fairy tale, after all the word history is broken into His Story. We have a part in His Story. I found an article written by the author of Lord of The Rings, Tolkien, about Fairy tales. He talked about fairy tales being the consolation of happy endings. The word he used to describe this was eucatastrophe . The eucatastrophic tale is the true form of fairy tale and it’s highest function. Tolkien said the consolation of fairy tales, the joy of the happy ending is there is no true ending to any fairy tale. This joy which is one of the things which fairy tales can produce is not “escapist” nor “fugitive”.  It is a sudden and miraculous grace never to be counted on to recur. This word of his made me remember a word Ann Voskamp uses and it’s Eucharisteo which means grace recognized, give thanks and joy.  So, eucatastrophe gives way to the experience of eucharisteo.

What I want to conclude is when we choose God and He is in control of our lives we can have the consolation of a happy ending that never ends and while we are still here on earth we get to experience eucharisteo. This is not a way to escape but it’s realizing what is the truth. The truth of the Gospel, that Jesus, our savior came to save us. Like Emma is the savior in Once Upon a Time. She is suppose to give them their happy endings. Jesus gives us the happy ending here on earth and Jesus gives us the joy of knowing there is no end to this unfathomable JOY!

Love Is All That Matters

I have written extensively on being thankful and how this is the key to everything. I don’t really have a lot of views and probably no one will read this but I’m only writing to document my journey for myself. If someone is reading this I hope it helps open your spiritual eyes not by reading what I have written but by getting the book I am talking about and applying it to your life. I just happened across a book called The Forgotten Way by Ted Dekker. He mentions so much in his writings on his website that go along with what I have written except he has figured out where it all goes like putting the pieces of a puzzle together. Ann Voskamp helped me to be thankful and be aware of God’s continual gifts to me. Ted Dekker has reminded me of who I am, a daughter of the Almighty God and because of this awakening I am continually experiencing God’s love. This book is a meditation book of 21 days and I got the study guide also which I recommend. Two of the meditations had me in tears of joy! I can’t put into words how this book works but it does work. I would read one a day and think about it through the day. Gradually I felt a shift in my perspective. That is what it’s all about, changing your perspective. Since I have a problem experiencing love these meditations were just what I needed. Just like Ted says we forget almost every moment about God and His love for us. This is what causes us to feel separated from God. Even though we are never apart from Him we feel like we are because we block His presence ourselves. The book helps you remove the blockage. It is an ongoing process and something I have come to realize is God’s love is so powerful and beautiful that our human side almost can’t take it all in all the time because it’s so good and beautiful. It’s hard to explain but this book helps you see from your heart, like I have written about before. Ted also talks about being thankful but stresses that heaven and the kingdom of God is love. When we love we are experiencing heaven on earth and when we love we are furthering God’s kingdom. It’s that simple. Just like in the movie Ghost, Patrick Swayze said, ” The love inside, you take it with you.” To love is all that matters.


Heaven Is Only Possible Through Jesus

My reading in the Mosaic Bible is about sin and how the world is so immune to it. He explains how sin is “missing the mark”. What mark you may ask? The mark is the moral standard for all humanity that comes from the holy character of God. We all fall short. Romans 3:23-24,  since all have sinned and continually fall short of the glory of God,24 and are being justified [declared free of the guilt of sin, made acceptable to God, and granted eternal life] as a gift by His [precious, undeserved] [a]grace, through the redemption [the payment for our sin] which is [provided] in Christ Jesus,

God’s glory, His holiness is a standard we can not live up to. But God has made a way through Jesus Christ for us to have peace with God. Jesus lived a sinless life, He didn’t miss the mark. He is our only avenue to get to God. We have to be sinless to enter the Kingdom of Heaven. This is impossible without Jesus. His righteousness is substituted for our sinfulness. He paid the price for us. All we have to do is receive this free gift. Ephesians 2:8-9, For it is by grace [God’s remarkable compassion and favor drawing you to Christ] that you have been saved [actually delivered from judgment and given eternal life] through faith. And this [salvation] is not of yourselves [not through your own effort], but it is the [undeserved, gracious] gift of God; not as a result of [your] works [nor your attempts to keep the Law], so that no one will [be able to] boast or take credit in any way [for his salvation]. Bible references from Bible Gateway.

Yeha Noha

The title of this post is actually the name of a song by Sacred Spirit. It’s a Native American chant sung by Navajo  Kee Chee Jake. This song has words of healing and cleansing in it sung in his Navajo language.  That’s exactly what has happened to me from listening to the song! I have something really amazing to share and it has to do with my post, My Dream: To Lie Down In Green Pastures. By the way Navajo means great plain, like what I saw in my dream.

My dream was about being in heaven with Jesus in a big grassy field with other people around. I had thought of the Psalm by David talking about green pastures, God has revealed to me what I actually saw and I am astounded! This message is for everyone who is born again! It’s assurance of the new earth to come and that we will have a place in it. I am so excited about what I experienced!

I know I was led to listen to this song because I was looking for the Gregorian chant music to start with and found this song. I liked it right away, but didn’t think much about it. The same day I was reading a post from As He Is….So Are We and he suggested to think of a soundtrack for your life story.https://1john417.wordpress.com/2015/05/05/what-is-the-soundtrack-of-your-story/ Since I had been listening to this song and the Gregorian chants I thought this would suit me good. Little did I know it really would become the soundtrack of my life! Then I received a comment on my dream post giving me an interpretation of the dream. I read this interpretation last Friday night before going to bed. Since I had the song on my mp3 player I decided to listen to it while going to sleep. I started listening and the words from the interpretation of my dream were flowing into my mind as they were being said by Jesus. I felt His presence with me and it felt just like in my dream. My heart melted and I had tears streaming down my face. I knew what had been blocking me from Jesus’ love, ME. It’s ME who puts a wall up and isolates myself, even from Jesus. It’s not everyone leaving me, it’s I HAVE LEFT THEM! I couldn’t sleep, I laid there crying and listening to this song for 5 hours or more basking in the presence of Jesus! I didn’t want to leave!

Saturday night I couldn’t wait to do the same thing again, be with Jesus through this music. I already felt cleansed and renewed, but I crave being with Him so I listened to the music again and this time God spoke to me. In my half awake state the chant became the English words: Shannon will not die, Shannon’s always on time. The word arrive derci was also in my mind before these phrases. I made sure I would remember these words so I could look them up Sunday morning.

I found the Biblical meaning of Shannon to mean a plain, flat pasture. (http://www.biblical-baby-names.com/meaning-of-shannon.html) It then gives a Biblical context of the plain of Sharon. I had never heard of such a place but found out that it’s along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea.


Then I found some interesting information from a Bible Study website:http://www.keyway.ca/htm2002/20020729.htm , about how this plain of Sharon is mentioned in the book of Isaiah to be the place where believers will be with Jesus in the New Earth.  As it’s described in Isaiah, it will be lush green grass and everything will be peaceful. Just as I experienced in my dream! Highway

Prophesy clearly describes Sharon at a future time when it will again include secure, peaceful pastures:

“I will bring forth descendants from Jacob, and from Judah inheritors of My mountains; My chosen shall inherit it, and My servants shall dwell there. Sharon shall become a pasture for flocks, and the Valley of Achor a place for herds to lie down, for my people who have sought Me” (Isaiah 65:9-10 RSV)

This is from the Bible Study link above.


It has been made REAL to me that God does have a place for us in the future! Another song on my player , Never Let Go, woke me up with  the words: There is a light for the heart that holds on. Paul’s words came to my mind, fight the good fight.


I got a revelation about the fight! It doesn’t have to do with living, the fight is fighting to keep Jesus in our conscience!  It’s a GOOD fight because at the end we get to be with Jesus and that is a place where I want to be!

The movie I recently watched The Lake House, led me to Carlo Carretto, he is a great spiritual writer, I suggest looking him up and reading his quotes. He said he figured out that all God wants is our prayer and love! When we are able to really connect with God through our love of Jesus it is truly a joy unspeakable! I have been there for 2 days now and can’t stop and don’t want to!

That last word arrive derci, it means farewell until we meet again.  I think Jesus was telling me I will be in this place with Him in my future. I am so excited and so looking forward to that day!

Here is a link to the song if you are interested, it’s awesome! This song is heaven on earth to me! When we receive Jesus’ love we can then give it to others. Being afraid to love keeps us from fully experiencing love and life! And yes sometimes it hurts, but that’s how you know it’s REAL.

A Time For Us

In my post about the dream I had with Jesus called “To Lie Down In Green Pastures”, I mentioned a Romeo and Juliet record that I had growing up. For my birthday this year my husband bought me a record player and I bought the Romeo and Juliet record in my dream. As I listened to it I couldn’t believe I was hearing Gregorian Chant at the end of side one! I researched to find what the chant is and the translation but couldn’t find it. Anyway, there has been another meaning that has come to me about this record and why it was in my dream with Jesus.

As I was reading my Advent devotional yesterday with Ann Voskamp she mentioned something that stuck out to me. She said we have to make space in our heart and in our time for Jesus. Then I remembered in the dream I felt like I had no time for Jesus and told Him if He had to go it was okay. Some one commented that maybe I actually think Jesus doesn’t have time for me. This brought it into a different perspective. Then a few weeks later I had an encounter with Jesus in my spirit where He revealed to me that I push love away. I don’t want to get hurt from loving others. I run away and He told me not to run away again. I felt a wall collapse inside of me, a dam really, cause I had a flood of tears come forth for about 5 or 6 hours.  Ever since this experience I have made myself more aware of love and giving to others. Ann goes on to say relationship is the only reality; there is nothing else. When grace conceives in you, you take hold of God. When you are a space to receive whatever the will of God is in this moment as grace, you take hold of God. I love how she said the will of God in this moment. Our lives are made of moments. like in the song These Small Hours. Rob Thomas says, our lives are made in these small hours, these little wonders, these twists and turns of fate. It’s our choice if we choose God in every moment. Will we chose fate or God?

So, with all this in mind my daughter came to me to sit in my lap yesterday and I said no initially because I felt hot from just getting out of the shower. But the Holy Spirit spoke to me right away and made me aware that this is the pushing away that God says not to do. In actuality I was pushing a gift from God away. So, I said for her to come back and I held her. After that I was drying my hair and the Holy Spirit came again and revealed, make time for love to be received instead of pushing it away. I realized that the theme song for Romeo and Juliet is ” A Time For Us!”  I felt Jesus telling me this song is for me and you. This is why the record was in my dream. He has been laying out the clues for me to figure this out. When you read the lyrics it’s awesome how they go with our relationship with Jesus. It wraps everything together in my dream into the perfect gift for Christmas.

A Time For US

A time for us some day there’ll be
When chains are torn by courage born of a love that’s free
A time when dreams so long denied
Can flourish as we unveil the love we now must hide

A time for us at last to see
A life worthwhile for you and me

And with our love through tears and thorns
We will endure as we pass surely through every storm
A time for us some day there’ll be a new world
A world of shining hope for you and me

For you and me

And with our love through tears and thorns
We will endure as we pass surely through every storm
A time for us some day there’ll be a new world
A world of shining hope for you and me

A world of shining hope for you and me